Latest Additions

Why Hasn’t Quality Conquered the World? Part I
A Dan Strongin Video

A View from the Outside-What we all Need
A Robin Hood Story
Alan Pippenger

Brief insight about the European Union Crisis
Or how a system without collaboration between its parts could break down
Jordi Cabré

Spain: The Way Out of the Crisis
Follow-up to Brief insight about EU Crisis
Jordi Cabre

How to Thrive in a Recession
Rafael Aguayo

Why do I like Deming’s management ideas?
Jordi Cabré

Parable of the Plumbers Apprentice
Rafael Aguayo and Alan Pippenger

How to Fail in a Recession (Video)
Dan Strongin

Thrive in a Down Economy
Alan Pippenger

Thrive in a Down Economy II
Alan Pippenger

Why I Dislike the name Six Sigma
Rafael Aguayo
El Sistema Deming
Must read Spanish version of
Rafael Aguayo’s groundbreaking
book, Dr. Deming, the American
that taught the Japanese about Quality.

Goals Can Kill a Company Part II
Rafael Aguayo

Cost Cutting Can Put You out of Business (Video)
Dan Strongin

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