How To Thrive in a Recession

Rafael Aguayo

I seem to have a disease. I cannot sell my services to others unless I have thoroughly tried, tested and proven to myself that the ideas work. I cannot write a book or article unless I thoroughly understand the ideas and am convinced they work. That has prevented me from working with large consulting organizations that wanted to sell whatever management fad was current or hot. That has prevented me from working with others with successful practices but who knew less than I. Believe me when I say this is a disease.

But the flip side of this failing is that I have had to try many things, have accumulated many diverse experiences and have learned much that I would not have learned otherwise. I wasn’t always in finance, a consultant or a writer. Before I met Deming I had a real job and owned property. And in order to really convince myself that Deming worked I was compelled to test it out in one of the most difficult, highly competitive and potentially cut throat businesses around: Construction and real estate development in New York City. To compound things I had never done anything quite like that before.

But I had already had great success applying Deming in other areas of my life and my confidence in myself, the philosophy and my understanding of the ideas was strong and growing.

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