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2016 coverThe Depression of 2016
Rafael Aguayo –
This cutting
edge book reveals what is coming
and what we should be doing
about it.


deming2Dr. Deming – the American that taught the Japanese about Quality – in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Mr. Aguayo’s book should be the starting point for anyone desiring a better understanding of Deming.

Spanish Translation


Make Time for SuccessMake Time for Success! Here’s How – “I don’t have the time to get my work done, so how can I find time to train my people?”
This common complaint among entrepreneurs, owners and managers is answered in this new book by Rafael Aguayo.
The first book of the “Success Series”


People Power and Profit2 People Power & Profit – A story about the power of managing by
knowledge, not results; Human beings triumphing over adversity by
working together, in the midst of one of the worst drug wars, and in the depth of a recession. The book clearly details the challenges they faced, the barriers they had to overcome, and what they learned that helped them move from losses to almost magical profitability based on  the simple concept that good people working together towards a worthwhile goal can accomplish amazing things.  by Dan Strongin


TDMDecision Making for Managers
Brief insight of W. Edwards Deming’s management teachings and its relation with Peter Senge and Rusell L. Ackof. A guide of the fundamentals to improve organizations by increasing the ability to make right decisions.  Explained in an easy way by Jordi Cabré.


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